A life larger than most

I’m a bit tardy with this theatrical report on Rosebud: The Lives of Orson Welles – another thrilling production in the Brits Off Broadway annual festival of theatre from “across the pond”, as the locals like to say.

In the award-winning one-man show, Christian McKay (above left) played Orson Welles (above right) from the age of 25 through to 70. His performance was comprehensively convincing, captivating¬†– and a little exhausting to watch. God knows how the actor must have felt after each show. In capturing a figure who, in all respects, was larger than life, the production managed to squeeze in several lifetimes’ worth of anecdotes, self-obsession, disappointments and carbohydrates on a very small stage.

There’s a wonderful interview with the actor here (just scroll down the page a bit) in which he suggests that the show will be coming to Australia. Fingers crossed.

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