Adventures in bookstores II

Recently I mentioned some tentative steps I’d made inside bookstores to see who had stocked my book, and where they had placed it on their shelves. I have two updates to that post, one ridiculous and the other sublime.

The ridiculous: the bookstore that had carefully displayed my book in the home renovation / interior decoration section. That’s a category error if ever I heard of one. I pity any renovator who bought a copy in the hope of a blow-by-blow description of how to transform her home.

The sublime: Seeing an artful arrangement of my book in the window of Better Read Than Dead, Newtown. I was so excited, I went in to thank them, and ended up signing a few copies.

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  1. I just popped in to say that I recently finished your book. It was very compelling. I found myself nodding all too often – especially during descriptions of your own character. I especially felt “that tingle of connection” when you wrote about entering a shop and lingering around waiting for an opportunity to let the store owner know that your husband had passed away. I had a very similar circumstance when my father was gravely ill in intensive care. It was like I wanted someone to know of my pain and that my dad was very important to me – even if the person I wanted to tell it to was a complete stranger.

    Anyway, I am an avid Sydney Writer’s Festival attendee and have booked in to see/hear your discussion on the Thursday. All the best with that and your continuing journey with your book.

  2. I just finished your book – it was truly written from the heart. Really enjoyed your writing style. I also felt you were writing about me in your book. I am so glad you went to NY. When is the sequel to hear about all the NY adventures?

  3. Hi Virginia

    when will your amazing book be released outside Aus? Lots of friends here who want to read it….

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