Does this make me a Woman of Letters?

Woman of Letters

I’ve always aspired to be a “woman of letters,” so I’m pretty excited to report that I’ll be appearing at Housing Works Bookstore in SoHo this Wednesday 27th March, from 7.00pm at New York’s first Women of Letters Literary Salon.

It’s official! In an effort to help revive the nostalgic art of correspondence, I’ll be reading a letter to “the person I misjudged”, which is the theme for the inaugural New York installment  of the popular Melbourne-born series established by Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire three years ago.

When a Melbourne-based friend of mine found out I was a late addition to the lineup, she wrote:

I go all the time in Melbourne and it’s such a brilliant event. Has massive cult following in Melbs and it’s hard to get tickets. Wish I was seeing the Manhattan version.

I find myself in fine company on Wednesday, when I’ll be joining this pretty impressive lineup:

Founder of The Hairpin and contributing writer to the New York Times magazine EDITH ZIMMERMAN

The ‘Michael Bay of business’ and founder of MakeLoveNotPorn, TED superstar CINDY GALLOP

Author of smash hit books The Year Of Yes and Queen of Kings MARIA DAHVANA HEADLEY

Post-punk goddess (The Flying Lizards, Chantage) and music journalist VIVIEN GOLDMAN

Young adult novelist and creator of the Gemma Doyle trilogy LIBBA BRAY

And founder of The Citizens Band, filmmaker and trapeze artist SARAH SOPHIE FLICKER.

If you’re in the city and at a loose end – god knows there’s never anything to do in New York City – please come along.

Suppose it’s time to get on with writing polishing my letter. And practicing to read it so I don’t race through it on the night like the terrified person I’ll be.

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  1. Wow! Don’t think hubby would justify me flying over for it 🙂 but it DOES sound interesting.

    Alas rather than being a “woman of letters” that night it’ll be “mum of alphabet soup-letters” for me. Good luck and enjoy it!

    1. Thanks Naomi! Last night was nerve-wracking but fun. I was a bit daunted to learn I would be last on the bill. Some wonderful ‘letters’ were delivered, and lots of people attended – it was standing room only, in fact. So I hope Michaela McGuire and Marieke Hardy, the Australian coordinators of the event, were pleased with how it went. I’ll be in touch asap. –Virginia

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