Fiction debut: “The Cowra Breakout”

Here’s a story I wrote for Notebook: magazine’s January fiction special – January being, in the southern hemisphere, the height or depth of summer, depending on your appetite for heat and humidity. The story was one of six commissioned for the issue, and the only one to combine wine-tasting in Tuscany with a prisoner-of-war camp in the central-west of New South Wales.

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  1. You are a marvel! What a wonderful writer you are, am so looking forward to devouring whatever it is you do next. Can’t believe they spelled your name wrong, though – you need to give their proofreaders a rap over the knuckles! xx

  2. I read your story and really enjoyed it – that experience of learning to step out into the world is one I really connect with – it makes all the difference to the next step in the journey – courage is hard to come by – Corwa is an amazing expereince – the past speaks to you as you stand at the site – Thank you

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