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I’ve decided to leave the blog at home while I go on a much-needed vacation until early August. Any queries that arrive during that time will languish unnoticed, as I am thoroughly tired of looking at a computer screen all day, every day. I’m taking my sunglasses and my reading glasses and a variety of printed materials – half-read issues of London Review of BooksPoets and Writers, and The New Yorker, as well as a novel or three – and a yellow legal notepad on which I seem to be, at long last, writing the final section of my own work in progress.

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  1. Is your next book fiction or non? I am currently reading your memoir. It is insightful and beautiful – and has made me laugh and cry.

    1. Hi Fleur, thanks for the lovely feedback on my memoir. The work in progress is a hybrid work. It began as nonfiction, then took a year-long detour into fiction, and now combines the two (though which is which is fairly clear from the structure). I always thought, when I read about the challenges writers faced when producing their second books, that they were exaggerating. Now I can say that they were not.

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