Is your manuscript ready to submit? Agent submission checker

Are you looking for a literary agent? Do you have a manuscript ready for submission, but could use a publishing professional to take a look over it before you submit it to agents and publishers? Or are you not quite sure you’re ready to submit your manuscript and query letter to publishers and agents yet?

Many agents ask to see your first three chapters, or up to the first 50 pages, in addition to your query letter and, in the case of nonfiction, book proposal. They base their decision on whether to ask to see more on those materials.

So in most cases, you get one shot with an agent or a publisher.

But how do you know if your work is ready to show an agent or publisher? Wouldn’t it be great to get some feedback on your writing and query before you do, in case you don’t get another chance?

The Agent Submission Checker service gives unpublished authors an agent’s view of your submission, without the high stakes of a rejection. I will read your materials and tell you what an agent or publisher would make of it, so you can either go ahead with your submission, or choose to rework some aspects of it first. Either way, you will be able to submit your query or manuscript with confidence.

What’s included

Here’s what I do:

First, I read:

  • your first 50 pages/first three chapters (double-spaced, paginated)
  • your cover letter / query email
  • your synopsis and/or book proposal

Second, I provide a written report responding to all of the above, including:

  • what’s working, what’s new/fresh/commercially appealing from an agent/publisher’s perspective
  • what’s not clear – whether it’s the positioning of the work in the market, the story description in the synopsis
  • what’s missing from your submission that an agent or publisher would expect to see
  • editorial red flags that you should fix before submitting (or risk turning off your target immediately)


At the moment I’m testing the waters with this service, so welcome an email inquiry in the first instance. Please send me a note at info at virginialloyd dot com with some information about your project and what your biggest questions are about your own work.