Lily Brett’s Lola Bensky live in New York!

Here are some US tour dates for the North American edition of Lola Bensky by Australian-born New Yorker Lily Brett. I’ll be at the Strand Bookstore on Tuesday 1st October for the launch and to hear her in conversation with Liel Liebowitz. Please say hello if you recognize the font.

Lily and I have worked together since the late 1990s when I was editing the Picador list at Pan Macmillan Australia. I’ve not worked as an in-house editor since 1999 but I’ve edited* all of Lily’s fiction and most of her nonfiction since then. I’ll let you count the number of years.

*I am Lily’s editor, not her literary agent. She is represented by Anne Edelstein.

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  1. I think you might be attracted to names starting with L, Virginia. Lily, Layla, Lola, Lolita. Me too. And hope the tour goes well!

    1. That’s hilarious, Kirsten, didn’t occur to me before but you could be right! Is it due to the preponderance of Ls in my own surname? Some ancestral Welsh legacy? I’ve got a client ms on submission at the moment that has an extremely arresting title that, yes, you guessed it, begins with an L. Hmm. –Virginia

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