Making an exhibition of himself

My friend Derek van Gieson, the artist and barista from Kalamazoo Michigan (yes, a bona fide “Boy from Kalamazoo”), celebrated the opening of an exhibition of his illustrations in Park Slope on Friday night. Also on sale were copies of his book of illustrated micro-stories, Journey by Ferry to Celibate City or Thigh Town. Cheryl Smith, from the eponymous cafe I practically live at, supplied some sophisticated nibblies, and there were the obligatory jumbo-sized bottles of red wine. I’m happy to report that Derek sold the majority of works on opening night. Having already purchased a copy of the book, and put down a deposit on one of his paintings (only one of which was exhibited), I decided it was OK to leave empty-handed.

Above: (left) Cory and Brigid with the artist; (right) DvG signing autographs (or was he writing another short story?) with the world’s biggest pen.

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