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I have opened my books again to submissions from Australian writers. On the menu above you’ll see the Contact tab. The Submissions page appears when you hover over it.
Alternatively here is the direct link:
I look forward to hearing from writers who have read the guidelines carefully.

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  1. Hi Virginia,
    Finally! I’m so excited that you’ve opened your books again…I had been checking your blog every couple of days since the new year rolled over just waiting! I’m just in the process of finishing my research regarding other books in the market for my non-fiction book, and will make sure I’ve got a decent proposal prepared before I email it through to you. Yay!
    ~ Katie

    1. Hi Katie,
      I look forward to receiving it when you’re ready. –Virginia

  2. Hi Virginia – how fantastic. I have recently completed my non fiction book and am in the final phases of the proposal. I just started looking for agents and came across you. I am very excited at the prospect of working together with an Australian focussed agent living in NY. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for finding me, Chris! I look forward to receiving your book proposal. –Virginia

  3. Hi Virginia, I have completed the draft of the manuscript and am planning to have it professionally edited before sending across to you. My editor asked what style she should edit in? US or Australian/British? Does this make a difference in terms of the book for you? Thanks.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your question. A few things to note. My Submissions page makes clear that I need to see a query/proposal from you first. I use that to determine whether or not your idea/story interests me enough to ask to see a sample of your manuscript (usually the first few chapters). Please do not presume to send me your entire work. Also, many writers confuse a copyedit/proofread with the kind of serious editing that I find most mss need. A polished manuscript with no spelling or grammatical errors, in Australian English, doesn’t actually matter much if I feel the story or the writing isn’t at the level that publishers expect. Hope that helps! –Virginia

  4. G’day Virginia, I just found this page by Googling Australian agents. Just wondering, is this still the the case, that you are open to receiving new submissions? I am a self-published author and I’ve recently started writing a 1st person mystery novel in a pure Australian tone. I was going to self-publish once finished, but am considering going the “traditional” route as I’ve passed a sample around to a few random people and from the feedback, I may be on a winner this time. Please let me know if you’re interested in having a look.

    1. Hi Damien, thanks for reading my blog. My Submissions page is up to date. As it states, I’m accepting nonfiction queries but unfortunately not fiction queries at the moment. I envy people who can write quickly, my own writing proceeds at a snail’s pace, and mostly through revision. –Virginia

  5. That’s fine. Sorry I hadn’t actually had a look at the submissions page, as it was more or less on a whim that I asked you. I run a fulltime business during that day, which means it amazes me that I manage to get so much writing done too! Hope your submissions open again in the future, so may talk again. Thanks for replying.

  6. Jolly nice to read such a positive attitude! Too bad (only for me) that you’re not taking fiction. I’ve just finished my fourth MS and received a glowing response from the MS assessor, although it might take a veer in your preferred genre. If you have a mailout when you open your fiction books (so to speak) please whack me on the list. Otherwise, I’ll keep an eye on your site.

    1. Thanks Mark for commenting. I won’t be opening the books to fiction any time soon because my priority (as both agent and author) is nonfiction, and my time is committed elsewhere. Which is why it’s best for authors to find agents who love their genre/style of fiction, and who represent authors you admire. Good luck with your writing — Virginia

  7. I Virginia
    I would ask you to consider Karadji @ Amazon ebook, my book. An Aborigine’s boy story of adventure as he travels back into Dreamtime some fifty thousand years to secure the meaning of a simple yet scared stone. What it means for him and the men of his family, that takes him and a Dingo sent to guide him through his perilous journey. The story is of Australia, the first Europeans, into Sydney, deep into the Blue Mountains, across the great plains to Uluru and beyond to the first guardians. A positive journey of discovery.

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for visiting my site. I’m not looking for fiction so I’m not the agent for your work. When you approach agents make sure you read their submissions requirements carefully. Good luck! — Virginia

  8. It would be great to have an Email address for submissions.

  9. You have no idea how happy it makes me to find a literary agent who is accepting books that are non-fiction. So many want children’s stories or novels. I have only one book, but I find it carries a powerful message and may potentially save lives. Too many women in Australia are dying at the hands of their partners, and back in late 1980’s and early 1990’s, I remember the police officer on the other end of the phone telling me that him beating me is within his rights as I was his spouse, followed by “please, in future, only call this number in an emergency.” Women need to know that they are strong enough to escape the violence and to start again.

    1. Hi Rosie,
      That’s a horrifying story. Good luck with your writing project. — Virginia

  10. Hi Virginia, I would like to get some advice on 50 or so letters I have in my possession from my father to my mother when he was in the army during the second world war. These letters are dripping with love, I do not think you would read anything like them in a modern love story. The letters are written on paper sponsored by the Salvation Army, the Australian Comforts Fund and the YMCA. They are letters written from Middle Harbour barracks and the island of Moratai off New Guinea. I am in the process of typing them so they can be read properly as the writing is a bit hard to read. There just too good to throw out can you suggest what I could do with these if anything. Regards John King.

    1. Hello John! Lovely to hear from you. The best thing you can do is type them up, then send them to me for a read – info at virginialloyd dot com. We could have a chat about possibilities then. Thanks for contacting me! –Virginia

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