Pimp this author: two writers festival invitations!

I have been invited to participate in the Sydney Writers Festival, which takes place in May 2008, and the Byron Bay Writers Festival in July, on the back of The Young Widow’s Book of Home Improvement.¬†Apparently the book publishers undertake some kind of beauty parade in front of the various Artistic Directors of writers’ festivals, promoting selected local authors and talking them up. As the beneficiary of this behind-the-scenes promotion I am glad to learn about it but I can’t rid my imagination of the visual imagery that comes with my new knowledge, especially as this literary pimping occurred unbeknown to me.

After about half a second’s deliberation I decided to accept both invitations.

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  1. Good thing you’ve just about time to nip back to civilisation and have your eyebrows done, eh?

  2. hey as my old mate Miles Davis used to say to me …if you are going to sell out …make sure you have something to sell…

    so take all the press & writer festival invites you can and run with it …let me know if you need some more PR…but QUP are good ..lucky you … but it must seem weird to have good book on a triumph through such great sadness …but i guess thats what life is about … so more power to you for expressing it and happy CNY ,,,,,hope you had a good b/day too


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