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Thank you to those readers who have taken the time to write to me with their response to my book. I like the fact that each reader refers to a different moment in the book, as if that particular detail had special resonance just for them. It is deeply satisfying.

I wanted to let interested readers know there are discussion questions to assist book clubs that are considering selecting my book. (They are on the Book page if the link fails.) Thanks to those who have already scheduled it for their reading groups.

By the way, I would be happy to join your group’s discussion by phone at a set time to answer questions directly. You can use the Contact page to reach me.

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  1. Hello Virginia,
    Our bookclub recently aquired your book “The Young Widow’s book of Home Improvement” to read for the month of March. I have not long started the book and already I can see it will be a great book for us to discuss (so many themes and shared experiences) A number of our group have had husbands fighting cancer……not all survivors. Our discussion will no doubt be full of personal insights with your book being a catalyst.
    As I am leading the discussion and as we don’t have any discussion notes I was trawling the net looking for ideas and found your site, which will be a big help to me. However I cannot seem to access the “Questions for Bookclubs”. I was wondering if you could email these to me (or any other material) so our discussion could stay on track. I have the feeling your book will be one of the most remembered books we have read in our 13 years of meeting. Thank you in anticipation, Mary

    1. Dear Mary, thanks so much for letting me know about the link not working. I’ve changed over to a new WordPress theme so I need to iron out a few glitches. I will send you the Book Club Notes in PDF. Thank you for your kind words about my book. I would love to hear how your group discussion goes! All best wishes, Virginia

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