Sunshine, celebrity and traffic: must be LA

Left NYC this morning for the airport at 5.15 am, sans critically important package that was “guaranteed” to be in my hands by noon yesterday. Critically important package being my edited manuscript. Which turned up this afternoon at my Brooklyn cafe, hours after I had arrived in Los Angeles. Since made emergency request for another courier to deliver it overnight to me here at my friend Kelsey’s downtown loft. Who knows where it will end up.

High point of the day was spotting actor Jeremy Piven all scruffy and casual chatting with two other people (apparently one of whom was another celebrity but I failed to recognise him) while at a cafe trying to sort out the transfer of said manuscript to LA.

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  1. Well, don’t feel too guilty. I failed to recognise Jeremy Piven – the name, that is. I saw Bryan Brown at the (our dear) airport once, and he didn’t recognise me. Heisenberg was right – no doubt about it – as your parcel should have proved. Well, hypothetically …

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