Sydney, in situ

Back on terra firma Australis. Delighted to see loved ones but shocked at the reality of not being in New York. No idea of whether that’s temporary or, as I fear, more permanent. Slightly jetlagged but of course desperate to work on finalising the text of my book, which needs to be back with its publisher in November. This publication thing is actually going to happen! Still way too surreal to experience it directly. Staying at my parents’ house for a few more nights, until my jam-packed spare room is gradually denuded of its furniture and newspaper-wrapped objets enclosed in plastic container bins. A bed to sleep on is the next big goal. But second to the manuscript for the next week or so …

One more good night’s sleep and I thinkĀ I might qualify as human …

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  1. maybe you’ll have to Change the blog’s name to Bridge Girl…just to cover all your bases…..???

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