Visual example of the Oxford comma’s usefulness

For anyone wondering why there are English-speaking people who still care about such things as the Oxford comma, I offer this illustration in response:

A friend sent this to me unattributed, via email. I would happily attribute its witty creator.

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  1. The Oxford Comma is an extraneous comma that nobody truly needs. And in this economy we can ill-afford the luxury of it, but you know how it is fighting against Big Comma!

    The argument that the Oxford Comma is needed to prevent contextual distinction from a parenthetical comma is hooey. If one can’t figure out the sentence from context, it’s probably best to keep that job at McDonald’s — the world ain’t ready for your mental inflexibility.

    I say it’s dumb for this reason in particular. Let’s say I have an apple. No comma needed. Let’s say I have an apple and an orange. Still no comma needed. Now let’s say I have an apple, an orange and a banana pie. Common sense says I need only one comma to group these serialized items. Yet in magical Oxford Comma Land, I suddenly need two commas when I’ve added only one more item.

    See the disconnect?

    1. Hi Ken, I do agree that context is everything. But I think there are times, such as the one illustrated above, where an additional comma is not too much for ask for in the scheme of clear communication. Now, off to my job at McDonald’s!

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