Eastern Summer – sorry, snowing – Time

by | Mar 16, 2007 | Blog, Improve your writing | 0 comments

Yes folks, a Power That Be declared that daylight savings time would be brought forward a couple of weeks, and was introduced overnight last Sunday. Immediately the lengthy afternoons seduced me into a fantasy of how many late-afternoon strolls I would take in Prospect Park, before scooting out somewhere for a bite to eat or to catch a film or a play …

No sooner had these fantastical notions taken hold than the weather decided to remind us all that it wasn’t quite done yet with winter. This morning it began snowing and hasn’t stopped since, although the snow has turned to sleet and its icy blanket has covered everything completely. Tomorrow it will all likely be a dark-brown mush, trammelled by car tyres and prams and the heavy footsteps of pedestrians whose hopes of an early Spring have just been dashed.

But GREAT weather to work on a draft of Chapter Five …

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