Stefano Maccianti goes on TV, Manlio goes to war

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Life would be nothing without its unexpected twists and turns. A little over two years ago I met Stefano Maccianti in a pensione in Siena, where I was staying and he was briefly working. It turns out Stefano was a writer whose first novel was about to be published, and who was researching a second book based on the life of his great-uncle, who was interned in the only prisoner-of-war camp ever established in Australia, at Cowra in the central-west of New South Wales during WWII. Two years and one trip to Cowra later – accompanied by his trusty local researcher (moi) – Stefano’s novel has just been published.

Italian-speaking readers will get most out of this video of Stefano promoting his novel, Manlio va alla Guerra (Manlio Goes to War) on TV in Florence.

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