The world, in words: Sydney Writers Festival trailer

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Having tried and failed miserably to embed the simple, powerful trailer for the Sydney Writers’ Festival into this blog post, I retreat to the safety of this link. It can’t be that hard, but I’ve now lost patience. I replayed the video immediately, trying to figure out whether I did so for the music track – whose melody is it? – or for its “reverse-postcard” tour of the world through the pages of a book.

Check out the full festival program here. (Shock disclosure: I’m participating in two events: Thursday 22 May, The Final Journey, with Debra Adelaide, whose novel, The Household Guide to Dying, I’m impatient to read, and Susan Wyndham, whose book on music and neurosurgery, Life in His Hands, has been very well reviewed; and a panel with the stupendously gifted Kate Jennings – author of one of my favourite novels, Moral Hazard, on Friday 23 May, Personal Journeys.)

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