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The Wordsmith: get agent-ready!


How do you know if your work is strong enough to show an agent or publisher? Wouldn’t it be great to get some help with drafting or revising your agent query letter and synopsis before you submit your work to a literary agent or publisher’s electronic submissions portal?

My Wordsmith package gives you an agent’s and publisher’s view of your unsolicited manuscript submission, without the high stakes of a rejection.

If you’ve spent any time online researching the world of book publishing and how to get a literary agent, chances are you are floundering in an ocean of bits and pieces of information. 

You’ve probably realised that writing a great literary agent query letter (email) and synopsis or chapter outline is just one part of the process.

But to submit your work to the literary agents most likely to be interested in the sort of manuscript you’ve written is another thing entirely.

Which agents are open to submissions at the moment? Which agents are hungry for the kind of story you’ve created? And which ones will  likely be a waste of your time?

My Wordsmith package also provides a tailored and detailed report of the 25 most relevant literary agents for the sort of work you’ve written.

Perhaps you’ve already started submitting agent query letters. 

If you’re sending out submissions to literary agents and not hearing back, then perhaps you need some independent feedback on why that might be the case.

As a former literary agent, a traditionally published author, an in-house editor and a structural editor for many writers published in the US and Australia, I can provide the sort of insider feedback you’ll never receive from a supportive friend or writers workshop — along with constructive suggestions for how to address any areas that might need work. 

Literary agents want to read great query letters. I know how to write them.

You can write one too, with a bit of insider knowledge and publishing savvy.

The Wordsmith: inclusions

  • Editing and/or drafting of your agent query and synopsis over two revisions (three drafts total)
  • Making sure you’ve covered all the essential elements agents are looking for
  • A detailed report of the 25 most relevant literary agents for your genre, style, and/or subject.

You’ve put so much time and effort into writing your manuscript or book proposal — why not give yourself the best possible chance of grabbing your ideal literary agent’s attention?

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