Author Kellie Arrowsmith talks about editing her first book, SKIMPY


After more than a year of communicating via telephone and email, it was great to meet my client Kellie Arrowsmith today in person in Sydney. She’s in town promoting her memoir SKIMPY, a fast-paced story of her adventures in the outback. (The title comes from her job as a barmaid in several Northern Territory bars, where the partially clothed bartenders are as much a part of NT culture as crocodiles.)

My dear old dad, who would be the first to admit he is not a great reader, describes the book as ‘hilarious’.

Here’s an interesting video for yet-to-be-published writers, in which Kellie describes her path to publication, which is littered with revised drafts. She also sings the praises of her agent, which was an unexpected bonus – for me, anyway.

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  1. Di Murray

    Very candid comments regarding the road to a published novel. Kel is a born story teller and as her mum I couldn’t be more proud. Big thanks to Virginia for her support. If Kel gives you ‘the nod’ you must be good!

  2. Richard Harrison

    Good for you Kellie. I hope your book is a great success.

    I can see it as a film already.

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