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In the last couple of weeks I’ve been a little overwhelmed at the level of media interest in my book. Not that I’m complaining for a second, but I had never anticipated how exhausting it would be to talk about myself (which clearly defines me as Gen X rather than Y!), answering similar questions as if they had each been asked for the first time, with one ear on listening and responding thoughtfully to the interviewer, and the other on the overall tone and message of the interview: I don’t want listeners thinking my book is all gloom and doom. Last Friday evening after six radio interviews I collapsed on the couch with a headache and woke up five hours later. I hadn’t been that exhausted mentally since I had written parts of my book.

This week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sarah Macdonald on Radio National’s “Life Matters”. On the program’s website an audio file of my interview is available here for the next four weeks. Although quite intense, the experience was so enjoyable because it was clearly evident that Sarah had read my book closely and had really responded to it. It’s impossible to expect all radio presenters to have read your book – so many are competing for publicity attention every month – but in this case it made the interview feel more like an extension of the writing process than the selling process that inevitably follows publication.

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  1. Karen

    Virginia I finished reading your amazing story last night and I wanted to let you know how much your story has moved me. Your story in itself is a beautiful homage to true love but I admire the way you constructed your book and the way you wrote of your life with John.
    I am coming to hear you read at the PEN lunchtime reading in Sydney on the 6th May and I am so looking forward to hearing you read your story in person.

  2. Tiffany Zimmermann


    I heard that interview last week on Radio National, and was so inspired by your heart felt words, I raced out and bought your book.

    I am only up to page 169, but I want to thank you for the privilege and honour of being able to share yours and John’s story. I feel like I have stepped into your home through a literary window…

    The way you have written your lived experience has found me, crying and laughing, at times, on the same page! I love reading a book and feeling like you know the characters…

    I truly believe, that although you have walked the journey through your loss relatively alone, through your story, you now have thousands of women walking with you.

    What an inspiration of strength and optmism, and a beautiful touch of gentle humanity…

    God bless you, and thank you again for this wonderful insight and intimately sharing your deepest joys and deepest sorrows.

    Warm regards

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