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So here I am, upstairs in my parents’ house, having finished earlier today The Young Widow’s Book of Home Improvement. Recently I learned that there’s a novel floating around with the title of The Household Guide to Dying, which will probably be published in 2008 like mine. The subject of loss is evidently in the cultural firmament; how strange it is that a universal experience can be packaged in such a way that it will beget articles about a trend.

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  1. taxes,death & trouble are all fairly universal subjects for Humanity …and all have had more than one or two books that have touched on these subjects…in fact “How to legally reduce your tax ” is a best seller and a mighty read ! ..the narrative & writing is what counts I dont think you need to worry about a crowded marketplace for your titile

  2. Yes, I saw the news of Deborah Adelaide’s book. Uncanny, almost the similarity in titles. The zeitgeist, darling, it’s a wonderful thing.

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