First NYC byline!

I might be writing from London, I might have returned this afternoon from the north coast of Spain, but my first US byline has appeared today in a NYC publication – see this Time Out New York piece about Cory Treadway’s photographs of ice shanties that are part of an exibition at the International Centre for Photography. It has my name on it! I shouldn’t be so shamelessly excited, but I am. I met Cory at Cheryl’s Cafe in Brooklyn where she works part-time, and where I have worn down one of the benches through sitting on it so regularly.

Today I feel far away from New York, far away from Sydney, and a long way from knowing what’s around the corner. But I kind of like that, too.

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  1. Huzzah! So thrilled! Now I shall go to the link and read it. But I’m sure it’s excellent.

    Also pleased that you were so knocked out by Gehry’s masterpiece. It’s like Uluru, no matter how many photos you’ve seen …. Now, did you follow my instructions and look at it from across the river, by night? Tell the truth now …

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