Got a book in you?

The Mumbrella website has just republished the article Got a book in you?, which features interviews with me and Zeitgeist Media Group’s Benython Oldfield among a number of media-industry folks who have written books.

First published in the media industry tablet magazine Encore, the article focuses on the financial risks and enduring rewards of writing a book, with an emphasis on nonfiction.

Benython makes the important point that there’s a big difference between a subject that’s right for a long article, and a subject fit for a book:

“A lot of the time people can write a great 10,000 words but you have to ask yourself, ‘can I write 80 to 100,000 words on this topic?’ because a lot of good non-fiction ideas that people think should be made into a book really should be turned into articles.”

I should probably mention that I’m quoted at the end as saying that in order to write a book “you’ve got to be a little bit mad.” I feel I can get away with that because I have written one book and am currently trying to finish my second.

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  1. Very true. I’ve started a whole blog post series on “RE-Respect the Germ” thinking it would make a great non-fic book. But after starting to blog them realised, (as you highlight) they probably work better as a 10,000 word piece or collection of articles. Anyway, plenty of other books to write now/first! 🙂

    1. Oh Naomi, you are a force of nature! But one with a savvy brain for the book business. Thanks for commenting –Virginia

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