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Hello writers! I had a baby last year, so I’m a bit behind on my query pile. That’s why I’ve hit the Pause button on new submissions. However, I love helping authors get published – and have a long track record of doing just that – and I’d love to hear from you, whether you’re looking for an agent or just need some information.

What is the one thing you really need to know about getting published in Australia?

If you’d rather not make your question public, please feel free to email me: info at virginialloyd dot com. Thanks so much in advance. I promise to read and respond to every comment.


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  1. I have been published a few times, but some time ago and never a book. The one thing I most need to know about The Damned Dinner Party is whether my book is good enough to be published as I cannot afford a critical appraisal. This is due to our government deciding that their age pensioners need to be lean and hungry and anxious about money. The book is set in Australia (Sydney, on the harbour, where I grew up) and I presume would be more likely to be published in Australia than anywhere else. I am presently living in South Africa (after our shop in Tweed Heads went down in the economic downturn) and belong to a writing group who enjoyed the various scenes I have read out. The editor of the group has done two edits without charge, bless her, but I think the book humour, despite the modifications, is still slightly off the wall. I must admit I’d love to be published in Oz, to be eligible to enter the Humour Competition.
    Have you any ideas/suggestions? Many thanks in advance.
    PS I hope your baby brings you the greatest pleasure.

    1. Hi Jennifer
      Great to hear from you and thanks for reading. If you’re not in a position to get a paid independent assessment, then I suggest you enter the manuscript in some competitions (of which there seem to be a burgeoning number in Australia these days), which tend to attract the attention of local publishers. There are also some online platforms for writers on which free constructive critiques are available, as long as you return the favour. I can’t vouch for any one in particular but I know someone who was helped greatly by a UK-based one called You Write On. I hope that helps. Best wishes — Virginia

  2. Hey Virginia, I am looking at getting a manuscript published. Just beginning the search for a literary agent. I am just wondering about whether it is best to get an Australian literary agent to approach Australian arms of publishing houses or whether going overseas to the US and UK to get an agent works best? What do you suggest.
    And do you have any suggestions for literary agents for a this-world based, fantasy novel?

    1. Hi Joel, thanks for reading. Like most questions about getting published, the answers vary depending on what your goal is, and sometimes on the genre you write. From your comment I’m not sure if you’re an Australian writer, but typically it’s still best to have a local edition of your book in your home territory. You can email me at the address on the Contact page. And given that I get this question a lot, I’m going to address it in detail in my monthly newsletter – please consider signing up via the home page. Good luck — Virginia

  3. Hello Virginia,

    I am an American self-published author and I wonder if I have a chance of being published in Australia. My book “The Bering Strait Girl” received a favorable review from Kirkus Reviews and my heroine was compared to Twilight’s Bella Swan, the book which we all know had an enormous commercial success.

    I will greatly appreciate your response.

    And congratulations on your new baby!

    Kind regards,
    Anna Trogonoski

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for your question. I recommend you focus on building your readership through online sales and your home audience. Typically publishers in a ‘foreign’ territory will first want to know how a book sold in the author’s home territory. Unless your novel is selling in huge numbers (in which case a US publisher would probably want to introduce themselves to you), I’m afraid it’s unlikely to appeal to an Australian publisher. ~Virginia

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