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Agent Submission Package

The Debut: Agent Query Letter & Synopsis Edit

If you’re planning to submit your manuscript to a literary agent, you’ll need to have a compelling agent query letter (email) as well as a synopsis (in the case of fiction writers) or chapter outline (for nonfiction writers).

You’ve put so much time and effort into writing your manuscript or book proposal. Why not give yourself the best chance of grabbing a literary agent’s attention by having a book publishing professional review and edit your agent submission materials?

How it works

  1. Following payment I’ll send you an email setting out the specific information about your project I need to help you. 
  2. Once you send me the requested information (and/or your draft materials if you have them) in a Word or Google Doc, I review your draft agent query email and synopsis, providing my comments, suggested edits and questions via annotations using Word mark-up. This is the first draft.
  3. After you respond to my suggestions via email with additional information, I revise your agent query email and synopsis, making further refinements and suggestions. This is the second draft.
  4. We go around one more time: you respond to the second draft and I review and annotate what becomes the third (final) draft of your agent query letter and synopsis, respectively.

Your outcomes

  • You’ll have a professional query letter and synopsis, ready for submission to literary agents when your project is publisher-ready.
  • You’ll have a connection with a publishing professional who has experience as a traditionally published author, an editor, and former literary agent.


Complete Agent Submission Package


    • Three rounds of editing/review of your query letter
    • Three rounds of editing/review of your synopsis (or chapter outline in the case of nonfiction/memoir)
    • My reading and detailed editorial response to your first three chapters (max. 50 double-spaced pages), annotated directly on your document in your preference of Word markup or Google comments/editing tool
    • One 30-minute Zoom call to discuss outstanding questions on any aspect of your materials or next steps. (Zoom may be scheduled any time after the first round of query/synopsis review.)


“Awesome feedback. Your suggestions really hit the mark on some of the challenges I have writing this story. Loved your feedback on the narrator, and you’re spot on about the voice…”

– Writer | Fiction

Joe Novella

“…She was a great editor and confidante as I worked through early drafts of Becoming Westerly. She knew how to both push and encourage….”

– Author, Becoming Westerly (Allen & Unwin 2015) | Non-Fiction

Jamie Brisick

“Virginia’s frank but gentle guidance was crucial in helping me to finish a manuscript that I could submit to publishers with confidence.”

– Author, Surrogate (Wakefield Press 2017) | Fiction

Tracy Crisp

“Virginia is an expert editorial ‘curator’ and a godsend for a first-time author.”

– Author, Love in the Age of Drought, The Mothers’ Group, Wife on the Run, Fearless | Fiction / Non-Fiction

Fiona Higgins

“… I find Virginia not only correctly identifies issues but also offers clear, concrete ideas on how to resolve them. That’s rare and valuable.”

– Author, Conviction (Allen & Unwin), (forthcoming in 2022)| Fiction

Frank Chalmers

“I am so grateful for Virginia’s knowledge and her mentoring around my whole writing project. She is just lovely to work with!”

–  Clinical Psychologist, Author, The Woman Who Lost the Sun (Ocean Reeve Publishing 2020) | Non-Fiction

Dr Carrie Hayward

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