I have the highly unusual combination of experience as:

  • a literary agent (though I do almost no agenting now, and in fact do some work for other agents and sometimes introduce writers to agents and publishers)
  • a manuscript/book developer
  • a book editor
  • the author of two commercially published books.

For writers of fiction and nonfiction, and for professionals with special expertise, the benefit of that experience is that I understand:

  • how hard it is to write a book,
  • how far from publishable most manuscripts really are,
  • how picky agents and publishers can afford to be,
  • what will appeal and repel those decision-makers about a manuscript or book idea, and
  • all aspects of the process of bringing a book to life and sending it out into the world.

There are few things more satisfying than seeing your book published well. I enjoy helping other people achieve that dream.

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