I help writers get book publishing deals. Sometimes it’s through a literary agent, and at other times it’s by a publisher’s direct acquisition. I do this through mentoring, editorial tough-love, and sharing insider knowledge built on my unique combination of skills as a former literary agent, former in-house and freelance book editor (of fiction and nonfiction), and as the author of two traditionally published books (memoir/nonfiction).

My clients get published. Here’s what some of them have said about working with me.

Honest, constructive advice about your book or book idea

Are you stuck? Not sure if your idea is good enough? Or are you wondering why you’re not hearing back from any of the agents or publishers you’ve already submitted your work to?

If so, then it’s time to reach out to someone who will be constructive, helpful – and honest.

Explore  the ways I most often help writers to get an agent or a book deal:

Business book writing/development – contact me for more information

Nonfiction book proposal development contact me for more information

Agenting (nonfiction only)

Very occasionally I act in the traditional manner of the literary agent, in which I approach a shortlist of relevant publishers on behalf of an author’s manuscript, and take a standard 15% commission on income earned by the author, beginning with the advance sum a publisher pays on acquiring the manuscript. If I’m agenting a book then I charge no fee, just commission on the advance and any royalties earned down the track. Here’s a partial list of books I’ve agented.

Important note about remuneration:

I provide a range of fee-based services to authors that support their efforts to get published. Because I charge a fee for my services, however, I do not charge any commission on acquisition by a publisher, even if I have made the introduction of author to publisher. No double dipping here! But it is for this reason that I have never joined an association of traditional literary agents, such as the Australian Literary Agents Association.