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Are you ready to approach literary agents, but want to feel more confident about the email (known as the ‘agent query’ or ‘query letter’) you’re planning to send?

Are you writing a query letter to a literary agent, but not sure if you’re on the right track?

Or have you been sending out literary agent query letters— and not hearing back?

Rest assured, you’re not alone. Literary agents and publishers are notorious for receiving a mountain of submissions from aspiring authors. They’re also infamous for not writing back.

And feedback? Forget about it. Agents don’t have the time, and they don’t have the motivation.

Why should they help you, when the next email holds the promise of a stronger, more compelling query letter from an aspiring author?

It’s brutal. But it’s a buyer’s market.

Your agent query letter email is the first thing these book publishing decision-makers see. Isn’t it worth getting an experienced industry professional to read your draft agent query letter before you send it?

What red flags are waving in your email query?

In my work as a writing mentor and developmental editor, and as a former in-house editor and literary agent, I’ve seen loads of queries.

Unfortunately, many writers set themselves up for instant rejection from literary agents and book publishers without even knowing it.

Wouldn’t it make sense to get a quick and cost-effective temperature-check of your draft email to agents, before you send it out? 


How my Agent Query Letter Edit works

  1. Simply forward me your draft email in a Word or Google Doc.
  2. I’ll read and respond to it with written annotations and queries on the document, and return via reply-email.

You’ll receive:

  • my thoughts on what’s working well in your agent query letter
  • the questions that cross my mind as I read it
  • the likely reservations that senior sales and marketing executives might have about your project, as well as ways to address them
  • my sense of what’s missing from your agent query letter. (There’s usually one or two key elements missing from agent query letters.)

In short, I’ll give you all the thoughts that cross the minds of agents and publishers as they review submissions. And identify the gaps that might cost you that invitation to submit your complete manuscript.

Lack of feedback is one of the main complaints from writers seeking a literary agent or book publisher. But my Agent Query  Edit gives you that feedback before you make a single submission.

Revise your query materials ahead of time and maximise your chances of winning an agent and getting the book deal you want.

Does your agent query letter help you – or scream ‘amateur’? My Agent Query Letter Edit will help maximise your chances of a literary agent asking to see your manuscript.


I'm on a mission to help writers and experts maximize the appeal of their manuscript submissions to literary agents and book publishers.

Too many writers send off their agent submissions without getting feedback on their materials. Then when they don't hear back from agents, they get frustrated and disappointed.

As the traditionally published author of two books, as a structural editor, former in-house editor and literary agent, I'll give you the kind of commercial and constructive feedback you'll never get from a workshop or writers' group.

Whatever you need, my team and I are here to help. 

Agent Query Letter Edit


Submitting your manuscript to literary agents in NYC or Australia? Why not get a book publishing professional to review and edit your query email before you send it.

As a former agent, a traditionally published author, an in-house editor and a structural editor for many writers published in the US and Australia, I can provide the sort of insider feedback you will never receive from a supportive friend or workshop — along with constructive suggestions for how to address any areas that might need work. 

Literary agents in NYC and Australia want to read great queries. I know how to write them.

You can write one too, with a bit of insider feedback on your draft.

You’ve put so much time and effort into writing your manuscript or book proposal — why not give yourself the best possible chance of grabbing your ideal literary agent’s attention, wherever they are based?

Once you finalise payment, please email your double-spaced query to me at info at

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