Are you ready to approach literary agents, but want to feel more confident about the email (known as the ‘agent query’ or ‘query letter’) you’re planning to send?

Does your synopsis need an experienced pair of eyes to look at it first?

Have you been sending out agent queries and manuscript submissions — and not hearing back?

Literary agents and publishers are notorious for receiving a mountain of emails  from aspiring authors. They’re also infamous for not writing back.

Your query email is the first thing these decision-makers see. Isn’t it worth getting an experienced industry professional to read your draft query before you send it?


In my work as a book coach and developmental editor, and as a former in-house editor and literary agent, I’ve seen loads of queries. Unfortunately, many writers set themselves up for instant rejection from literary agents and book publishers without even knowing it.

How it works: agent query & synopsis review

  1. Simply forward me your draft email and synopsis in a Word or Google Doc.
  2. I’ll read and respond to them with written annotations and queries.

You receive:

  • my thoughts on what’s working well in your query and synopsis
  • the questions that cross my mind as I read them
  • the likely reservations that senior sales and marketing executives might have, as well as ways to address them
  • what’s missing from your query letter. (There’s usually one key element missing.)

In short, I’ll give you all the thoughts that cross the minds of agents and publishers as they review submissions. And identify the gaps that might cost you that invitation to submit your complete manuscript.

Lack of feedback is one of the main complaints from writers seeking a literary agent or book publisher. But my Agent Query & Synopsis Review gives you that feedback before you make a single submission.

Revise your query materials ahead of time and maximise your chances of winning an agent and getting the book deal you want.

Does your agent query letter and synopsis help you – or scream ‘amateur’? My Agent Query & Synopsis Review will help maximise your chances of winning a literary agent.

How to book this service

Price: USD$97

  1. Pay using the green button below
  2. Send me your draft query email and synopsis in a Word or Google Doc
  3. I’ll respond with detailed written comments within seven business days