The Bestseller


My premium service for writers preparing literary agent submissions

My Bestseller Package is a blue-ribbon, comprehensive service designed for writers who feel ready to approach a literary agent. It’s designed to make sure that everything’s in order with your submission materials — and to provide you with a detailed list of agents who are actively looking for manuscripts like yours, explaining the where, why and how of contacting each one.

You get one chance to impress a literary agent. Why not make sure you’re doing everything possible in your submission to maximise your project’s appeal?

My process is to assess and write (or rewrite) your agent query email and your synopsis, making sure that it ticks the boxes an agent seeks in an outstanding submission.

I also review your first ten pages from a prospective agent’s point of view. What’s working? What’s missing? What could be stronger?

We discuss your project and revise your materials as necessary.

PLUS you get my tailored agent research of the top 50 agents in your genre, style, or subject.

Maximise your chance of success by getting professional feedback on your literary agent submissions materials — and a list of agents looking for work like yours — before you send them out for consideration.

How can you substantially improve your agent submissions without the insider’s perspective of someone who knows what agents are looking for? Save yourself time, frustration and heartache by getting the feedback you need — before you make one (or one more) submission.

Having worked with dozens of published writers as an agent and editor, I know what agents are looking for — and what things are an instant turn-off.

The process

The Bestseller Package contains several steps:

  1. Send me some information about your project (or your draft query email if you’ve already written one), your synopsis, and the first ten (double-spaced) pages of your manuscript in a Word or Google Doc.
  2. I review your draft agent query email and synopsis, providing my comments, suggested edits and questions via annotations using Word mark-up.
  3. We have a conversation of up to 30 mins between the first and second drafts by telephone, Zoom or WhatsApp.
  4. I annotate my thoughts/suggestions on the first ten pages of your ms.
  5. I edit/review your second draft agent query email and synopsis.
  6. I provide a Google Sheet with the names and agencies of the top 25 US agents for the writer’s genre or subject, to expedite your submissions process.
  7. I read and comment on any revisions to the first ten pages you undertake in response to my suggestions within 30 days.
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