Need a sounding board for your project?

I love working one-on-one with writers, helping them find the way from where they are now to where they want to be.

Having assisted writers (fiction and nonfiction) to land publishing deals, and having worked with a mentor on my second book, I understand the value of a trusted reader for your work and creative goals.

And with experience as an editor and literary agent, I know a bit about how book publishing works, and what agents and editors think when assessing manuscripts.

Here’s a testimonial from a fiction writer I recently mentored.

I thought I had an interesting story to tell but it was far from being a persuasive and well constructed manuscript. When Virginia had a look at my work, her analysis was immediately encouraging,  constructive, insightful and very specific about what I needed to do with scenes, character development and plot.

Virginia is so down to earth, practical, hard working and she knows the industry as a writer, agent and editor. She also knows that writing can be a lonely, introspective process. When you need that dose of self-belief, Virginia provides it.

Most importantly to me, Virginia believes in the authenticity of the writer’s voice, compared to the generic, formulated style that’s promoted in some course outlines and curriculums.

Six months later, I read my work and I can’t believe it’s the same writer. ~ Richard Hensley, author SHARK MUSIC

Each author and project is different, so what works for one writer won’t work for another.


Why not schedule a no-obligation 15-minute call with me to find out?

Are you ready for a mentor?

Mentoring/coaching is best for writers who are:
• finding their feet with a project that is underway
• new to working on a book-length project
• getting knocked back by agents/publishers and don’t know why
• need some professional advice to know whether or not their work has the potential to get published

Hello and welcome. I help writers and experts develop their work to a publishable standard, find an agent, and get published.
As the traditionally published author of two books, as a structural editor, former in-house editor and literary agent, I provide fiction and nonfiction writers with the sorts of commercial and constructive feedback you'll never get from a writing class or workshop.

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